Real Time Strategies…

For all of you who knew me since years ago (probably no one :P), perhaps you know that I am an avid RTS player. A very addicted person.

Anyway, I have seen a loss of great quality RTS. The newest title in the Total War franchise, Empire: Total War, is haunted with ghostly -and sometimes, game breaking- bugs. Tom Clancy’s EndWar, is not heard anywhere in the English-speaking part of the Greater Internet. Also, WH40K: Dawn of War 2, is not as good as it’s prequel. Or Men of War, which has potential, but 1C has failed to let the game shine for all it’s worth.

Now, the game industry is dominated with Hollywood-esque games (well, the western part, anyway). Even now, I turn my attention away from the money-seeking bastards, and play indie games.

Games like Dwarf Fortress, which is a hybrid of RTS and Simulation, complete with eye-destroying graphics, but still FUN, and that is all that counts. Especially after the next update, when we could invade other kingdoms with our own dwarven soldiers!

Or roguelikes, with their classical vision-exploding graphics, worser than DF. But really, a fun genre. There are even RTT (Real Time Tactics) roguelike! With their low demand of graphical assets, they leave their creators to delve deeper into the gameplay, which makes for some of the most interesting and unique gameplay that the world ever seen!

I, myself, is waiting for the Dungeon Exploring game, Class of Heroes, which will be released by Atlus in June. That game, is a game that use the used-to-be popular gaming concept, first person dungeon exploring! Complete with anime-style graphic, of course…

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