Hahaha, shoum.

Heh, I am sure that most of you, readers, would be confused with this post’s title.

“Shoum? What is that?”

Oh well, shoum is the Arabic for fasting, the practice of sealing your… desires? Is it the correct term? Anyway, we muslims practice it … well, it’s only being an official practice at the holy month, Romadhon, but we can fast at any other time (as long as it does not break any Islamic laws <- No, not shar’i, but the … Islam as a religion, so the religionic laws.)

Anyway, fasting, as some medical scientist suggest, can detoxify your body, so I’m sure that Allah force me to do it for my own sake, heh.

Beside, why do the hell do I rant here? Oh, wait, that’s the function of blogs, it seems.


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