Hey All~

I’m back! Heh, I totally forgot about my blog… I blame Twitter for that! Well, I’m going to try out blogging again then. Pardon my totally horrendous English, please!
OK. Previous week is hell. The semester exam is a hell. It still exist tomorrow, the day after that, and then the day after that too. In short, school life in the best national school in my country is hell. Really.

Thought that is to be expected 😛

Of course, I should study more, but… I don’t feel like it, though! I’m just going to have a deep sleep tonight.

Please share your commentaries on hard-as-hell school lives! They are all welcomed!

    • DarkPhoenix
    • January 23rd, 2010

    Hard-as-hell? I found it to be fun despite of my score XD
    Well, I have something more important than study in my house [even though I rarely do that] :p
    Teachers are nice enough to raise your score in report card 😀
    That’s all ~_~

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