Well, That was Embarrassing

Hello everyone! Long time no see, eh? Well, SMA 8 got a really tense atmosphere that makes you forget to do things (outside of schoolworks), but that is not good enough reason? Ah, let’s just say that I am embarrassed at having such an untidy blog and all… Well, it’s fine now, since I am this kind of person!

Anyway, remember my previous post? About me getting a Huawei? Disregard it! There is no way in hell I’m going to buy a Chinese Android phone when I could get a Taiwan Android phone! (Read: HTC)

Anyway, I have a budget of 4 jt (around 400 US $) to spend about, so I must ask you this:

Which one should I get? A 280 $ HTC Magic, or 450 $ Nexus One? Yes, all of you will choose a Nexus One almost immediately, but there are some problems:

Nexus Ones here are sold at 550 $ to 600 $ (unlocked), so I am not so sure about the price myself, can it be that low while still being functional? But, 450 $ for an AWESOME smartphone? … I’ll kill for that price, really.

Well, please pray that I can find those really-cheap Nexus One!

See ya,


PS: I got Vocaloid! At long last! … I do have a crappy Internet…. -_-

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