Jakarta Car Free Day : It’s awesome, and here’s why [TO BE CONTINUED]

Cyclers at Bundaran HI

Cyclers & walkers at Bundaran HI -- it's raining a bit, actually.

Hello everyone.
I know, I know. I abandoned this blog. Again. For a month.
Why? Regular excuses : School, Life, and Twitter. Sorry then, my blog, for being… 2nd class. I am really sorry.

Anyway, today’s morning, I — for the first time — cycled in a South Jakarta car free day event — the closing of Sudirman street – Thamrin street route to all motorised vehicles (e.g. cars, motorbikes, and buses) from 06.00 to 12.00. Alright, I have cycled through the route many times, but only on regular Sundays — the World seems to conspire to keep me from going to the Car Free Day, from school events, to rain, just like this morning. Why’s the rain an obstacle? Well, I have a weak body : Even a small amount of rainwater can incapitate me the following morning, so…

At any rate, I refuse to surrender to such petty obstacle, so I grabbed my helmet, and started cycling, even though there’re still some ‘minor’ rainfall going on. Heh.

Started cycling -- Sudirman St., front of Gelora Bung Karno

Anyway, at the start — since it’s raining — there’s not a lot of people cycling. Unlike regular, sunny (or cloudy) Sundays morning, so… Well, my morale was not upped then. Still, I continue on.

My cycling route

The cycling route -- from Gelora Bung Karno to Bundaran HI and back

(Sorry for the detour in the left right, that’s because Google Maps was using navigation for Car. Well, we were using car roads, soo…)

Anyway, continued tomorrow, since it’s too late now, and tomorrow I have a math test.

Sorry… -_-


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