X120e! Awesomest affordable ThinkPad yet!

[No image yet. I need sleep, sorry everyone]
X120e. The successor to X100e – the not-quite-netbook – or notbook – that was decried as a non-ThinkPad, due to its short battery life, and heat-related issues – which were caused by the AMD Neo chipset on it. Anyway, X120e is using the newest – and awesome – AMD Fusion APU (Accelerated Processing Unit), a dual-core 1.66 GHz-spec Zecate CPU + integrated Radeon 6100 GPU. Because of it, the Fusion-equipped notbooks should get the same amount of battery juice as Intel GMA-equipped ultraportables. Yum!

Engadget’s Take on X120e

Engadget’s Review of X120e

The shop.lenovo.com page on X120e, as of 2/7/2011. Yes, those're X201ts, not X120es... :/

Ehehehehe, I’m now in a conversation with @Lenovo themselves on Twitter. After I pointed out that the X120e shop page has picture errors – X201t (tablets), not X120e.\\

Anyway, the release of X120e will be in February 15th (After Valentine’s Day!), I do not know whether it’s world-wide, or only in select countries. I sure hope it’s the former, though. I’m waiting for the reviews to come out, and if the battery life is really >6 hrs, and there are no heat-related issues, I’m going to buy one immediately. I mean, it’s equipped with a Radeon 6100, it should be enough to play <2007 games. (And doujin games too~! I’ll be super happy if I can just play Hisoutensoku in sub-$500 ultraportables~)


    • inawarminister
    • February 8th, 2011

    Oh lulz the image is replaced by NO-HOTLINKING… :/
    Oh well.
    And I was just getting up to sleep too… :3

    • blog_hits++;
    • May 12th, 2012

    A year later and I *still* can’t find it in brick-and-mortar stores on Indonesia, even after the launch of the X130e.

    >Walk into a Lenovo-branded store
    >”Do you have any X130e’s? Or, heck, a X120e?”
    >”You know, a ThinkPad.”
    >”Oh, you mean a ThinkPad Edge?”

    http://imgur.com/E9Q6e (Unrelated.)

      • inawarminister
      • June 7th, 2012

      That’s why you buy it online!!
      I’m really happy with my X200 now, so yeah.
      Sorry for taking so long to reply!

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