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Rebooting This Blog

Hello everyone!

It’s been a long month since I wrote something on this blog. Trying to type a blog post from a touchscreen device (i.e. WordPress for Android) is truly awful. And the normal Web interface for… Let’s just say that it’s not as good as it could be. Also, using a webapp makes you vulnerable to distraction from the Internet-at-large.

Yes, yes, I know that Windows Live Writer is already released since a long time ago… But since I already have Office 2007, I can’t be arsed to install a Word-lite program. Until today that is. Office 2013 (Preview) is great! For all of you that have Windows 7 (or 8?) try it! You need a Windows Live account though.

Now back to cleaning the blog.


What am I doing?

I dunno, just graduated high school recently.
I’m entering college very soon anyway.
I guess I’ll blog more since WordPress for Android is usable now.
I’m sorry if the contents aren’t as good as before though.
Also thank you for tolerating my procrastination this far.

What A Turbulent Week

Last week was a disaster. Through and through. I mean, 60 for Math? 70 for Physics? And 74 for English? Blimey. I know that this is only a try-out for the National Exam, but still…

In other news, my class went to Bandung for photo-shoots on Saturday. The journey was great. Going to ITB was very nice. Shame about that incident on the way home… Sorry for my clumsiness, Saviq. Oh, and being forced to reveal my secret — well, breaking the dam after holding it in for (close to) 2 years was euphoric, so I guess I can’t be too mad at all of you.

But wow, this Monday… The euphoria of getting invitation to University. Granted, it’s not certain that I will be accepted into ITB, and I hopefully shall not falter in studying these last four months, lest I become a ronin.

Also, Nisemonogatari is very nice. I recommend all of you reading this to watch that. Very brilliant.

I just realised: I should post this into Livejournal, no?
I think I’ll do just that…

NB: Wow, what a difference writing in a ‘minimalist text editor’ makes compared to writing in Word. I can’t even write using Word anymore… Too many distraction, I think. Internet, I am tsundere to you.

But yes, I’m using this: . I feel like a word wizard already. I guess I should start using a therasaurus more.

And I should write more. Yes. I guess I’ll revive this blog. Hopefully I won’t fail again.



X120e! Awesomest affordable ThinkPad yet!

[No image yet. I need sleep, sorry everyone]
X120e. The successor to X100e – the not-quite-netbook – or notbook – that was decried as a non-ThinkPad, due to its short battery life, and heat-related issues – which were caused by the AMD Neo chipset on it. Anyway, X120e is using the newest – and awesome – AMD Fusion APU (Accelerated Processing Unit), a dual-core 1.66 GHz-spec Zecate CPU + integrated Radeon 6100 GPU. Because of it, the Fusion-equipped notbooks should get the same amount of battery juice as Intel GMA-equipped ultraportables. Yum!

Engadget’s Take on X120e

Engadget’s Review of X120e

The page on X120e, as of 2/7/2011. Yes, those're X201ts, not X120es... :/

Ehehehehe, I’m now in a conversation with @Lenovo themselves on Twitter. After I pointed out that the X120e shop page has picture errors – X201t (tablets), not X120e.\\

Anyway, the release of X120e will be in February 15th (After Valentine’s Day!), I do not know whether it’s world-wide, or only in select countries. I sure hope it’s the former, though. I’m waiting for the reviews to come out, and if the battery life is really >6 hrs, and there are no heat-related issues, I’m going to buy one immediately. I mean, it’s equipped with a Radeon 6100, it should be enough to play <2007 games. (And doujin games too~! I’ll be super happy if I can just play Hisoutensoku in sub-$500 ultraportables~)


Jakarta Car Free Day : It’s awesome, and here’s why [TO BE CONTINUED]

Cyclers at Bundaran HI

Cyclers & walkers at Bundaran HI -- it's raining a bit, actually.

Hello everyone.
I know, I know. I abandoned this blog. Again. For a month.
Why? Regular excuses : School, Life, and Twitter. Sorry then, my blog, for being… 2nd class. I am really sorry.

Anyway, today’s morning, I — for the first time — cycled in a South Jakarta car free day event — the closing of Sudirman street – Thamrin street route to all motorised vehicles (e.g. cars, motorbikes, and buses) from 06.00 to 12.00. Alright, I have cycled through the route many times, but only on regular Sundays — the World seems to conspire to keep me from going to the Car Free Day, from school events, to rain, just like this morning. Why’s the rain an obstacle? Well, I have a weak body : Even a small amount of rainwater can incapitate me the following morning, so…

At any rate, I refuse to surrender to such petty obstacle, so I grabbed my helmet, and started cycling, even though there’re still some ‘minor’ rainfall going on. Heh.

Started cycling -- Sudirman St., front of Gelora Bung Karno

Anyway, at the start — since it’s raining — there’s not a lot of people cycling. Unlike regular, sunny (or cloudy) Sundays morning, so… Well, my morale was not upped then. Still, I continue on.

My cycling route

The cycling route -- from Gelora Bung Karno to Bundaran HI and back

(Sorry for the detour in the left right, that’s because Google Maps was using navigation for Car. Well, we were using car roads, soo…)

Anyway, continued tomorrow, since it’s too late now, and tomorrow I have a math test.

Sorry… -_-


WordPress for Symbian, my take on it.

Yosh everyone~ I’m typing this from a Nokia N97, from the beta WordPress for Symbian (

As far as I could see, this is much better than WordPress for Blackberry, or it maybe just because of N97’s touchscreen, keyboard, and a stylus here 😀

Very much thanks, developers, for enchancing our Symbian experience! (My father and I are still searching for a HTC Desire, of course. It’s sold out everywhere near here!)

PS: I do not know if it’s only because it’s beta, but the installing process is slow… And unbelievely large. Use a Wi-fi if you do not have unlimited data.

PS2: QT is cool!

Linux? Tale of a noob using Fedora

Hey, this is inawarminister. Sorry for the long pause in posts. It seems that I am not suited for a blog, since I don’t really like writing large, wall-o’-text, except if they are for debating. Internet debates (and trolling, anti-trolling, flamewars) are fun~ :>

Anyway, I have manages to successfully lobby my father into allowing me install Linux, and he gave me our old desktop to be messed with, freely (this is an old story). Because I really, really ♥ to lazying around, I have only recently installed a distro on it (I am side-loading a Fedora on my main comp, with 0.1 second of grub-wait, so yesssh). Because I am a KDE fanboy, I install the KDE-mix live CD. And… It works! Even though it’s a Pentium 4-equipped, 5 years old desktop! (The monitor is still a CRT! A Compaq :P)


Anyway, K-Fedora came with KDE 4.4, which has MASSIVE SPEED INCREASE when compared to 4.3 (I know this from experience). However, due to the old-ness of the parts, KDE LAGS on this… irfan.oldcomp. Thankfully, the lag has been minimised by selecting Low Resolution > Low CPU on the desktop effect setting.

I loves KDE desktop, and I love Plasma and those cute, lil’ plasmoids. But I still love GTK apps more. So I typed yum install firefox, and yum install thunderbird, and all. Yes, I’m hypocrite like that :>

After that, a notification came up. Security updates. I click Review and Apply. Blah blah blah. Now I switched into my main comp and listened to GODLY AWESOME ARRANGES of Touhou BGMs :>. Aaaaand… Disaster struck. Next afternoon, when I am powering up the oldcomp, a BLACK SCREEN OF DEATH (BSoD!) appears! With words :

kernel panic – not syncing :VFS: unable to mount root fs on unknown block (0,0)
So I googled it. I know what kernel panic means — And I become panic myself. Hey, I am a Windows user! We usually don’t have the kernel itself fails, only the drivers or dll of it.
Anyway, that seems to be caused of a corrupt installation of a kernel. I frowned : “What the hell, I didn’t authorised a new kernel and all”. Then duh, Fedora is (in)famous for updating KERNELs in regular security update. And this is usual in Fedora (hey, Fedora is for ADVANCED USERS, not NOOBS like you, inawarminister!)
Solutions exist, of course, like every other Linux problems out there. Problem is, I wanted an easy-to-install, easy-to-run, easy-to-maintain OS. So I abandoned Fedora, sorry ._. Now, I have burned a live CD of kubuntu 10.4, and waiting for tomorrow, when I’m home again, to install it.