Minister of War

I… was a minister of war. Now… I’m a rebel.

A rebelling Caliph, no less.

Heh, the wonder of internet dramas, AKA roleplaying. Where you could assume identities other than your real self. Personas…

Roleplaying… is an activity only played by those who have the brain power to be able to do so. Assuming another identity… is hard. That’s why there are many insane people, they are those who have failed in their objective, and, fully assume another identity, with out the means to go back.

I don’t know why I wrote this.

Perhaps it’s my subconscious mind.. Perhaps it’s another me… The mysteries of the mind, which psychologists, neurologists, doctors, therapists alike try to explore.

Mind… It is a great gift of Men, coming from the Creator Himself. It is what differentiate us from common animals. Some time, man can be controlled by their… animally instict’, but the logical mind… always fight back.

The Great Gift…



Hello, everyone. This is my new blog. After several months of no blogging activity, I have vowed to recontinue . As I have heard about the superiority of wordpress, when compared to several other free blog-hosting services.

Anyway, please wish me good luck.