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What A Turbulent Week

Last week was a disaster. Through and through. I mean, 60 for Math? 70 for Physics? And 74 for English? Blimey. I know that this is only a try-out for the National Exam, but still…

In other news, my class went to Bandung for photo-shoots on Saturday. The journey was great. Going to ITB was very nice. Shame about that incident on the way home… Sorry for my clumsiness, Saviq. Oh, and being forced to reveal my secret — well, breaking the dam after holding it in for (close to) 2 years was euphoric, so I guess I can’t be too mad at all of you.

But wow, this Monday… The euphoria of getting invitation to University. Granted, it’s not certain that I will be accepted into ITB, and I hopefully shall not falter in studying these last four months, lest I become a ronin.

Also, Nisemonogatari is very nice. I recommend all of you reading this to watch that. Very brilliant.

I just realised: I should post this into Livejournal, no?
I think I’ll do just that…

NB: Wow, what a difference writing in a ‘minimalist text editor’ makes compared to writing in Word. I can’t even write using Word anymore… Too many distraction, I think. Internet, I am tsundere to you.

But yes, I’m using this: . I feel like a word wizard already. I guess I should start using a therasaurus more.

And I should write more. Yes. I guess I’ll revive this blog. Hopefully I won’t fail again.